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Learn To Drive a Power Boat Safely

Posted - 03/12/2012

Before your solo boat experience, it would be wise to seek professional advice and assistance from a reputable Boat Rental Company. Boating professionals have an in-depth knowledge of marine safety, terminology, and regulation. They will accompany you on the water to instruct and to answer your questions. They will give you tips as you learn to handle a boat the first time. Before you arrive at the Boat Rental Company, familiarize yourself with boating basics.

While you are docked or anchored, remember to check all the boat equipment. The boat must have one size-appropriate life preserver for each person onboard. Locate the fire extinguisher and check your fuel gauge.

* To start your engine, move the gear selector to neutral. Turn on the blowers and allow to run.
* Turn the key in the ignition; once the engine starts, let it warm up for a few minutes.
* Remove the lines from the dock or if anchored, raise the anchor.
* Move the gear selector to the forward position and slowly accelerate. Now, you are underway.

Don't forget to visit the professionals at a Boat Rental Company near you. They will help you have a safe, fun, legal, and successful day on the water.
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